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Our Motto: Healthy Made Easy!

The Green Smoothie Bar starts with your healthy lifestyle at heart. We want you feeling good, resistant to illness, loved, and energized. All that goodness is the perfect launching pad for cultivating and building the community in which we live. It takes a powerful smoothie to invoke these improvements!

The Green Smoothie bar takes a sophisticated, science-based approach to giving your body the nutrients that it needs!

In fast-paced world of processed fast-foods eating healthy is a challenge – and your well being may be at stake. The Green Smoothie bar presents you with smoothies and foods that will have your taste buds dancing while providing you body the nutrients essential for health and vitality – this powerful combination is packed into fast, portable, drinkable smoothie.

There’s food too! Although smoothies are in our name, we have a growing assortment of organic, chef-prepared foods on the menu.

Be sure to place your GSB cups, containers and even straws in a compost bin when you are finished enjoying. Our entire operation produces almost zero garbage waste.

Our Location

We welcome you to our lounge style bar where you can relax, mingle and enjoy your smoothie. Of course, you can pick up your smoothie to go if you are on the run.

We are located on James St. North in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Ontario – a vibrant hub for urban life, the arts, festivals and unique shopping. Join us for regular events – everything from live music to free yoga classes in our event space. There is always something happening with the common theme of healthy living and being inspirational.

You can also have your GSB goodies delivered for your convenience.

How We Make It Easy & Delicious

The quest for healthy foods in our communities can often be time consuming and cumbersome, and then not so easy to prepare and consume. As individuals, it takes vast amounts of research to ensure that we are aligning the nutrients our bodies need with what is available in grocery stores, markets and restaurants, ‘whether they are spinach, broccoli or dandelion greens.

An optimized vegan diet means you need to ensure that food sources are organic – non-GMO and pesticide free.

The foods which are the most healthy for us are often difficult to eat – however, we need these foods and The Green Smoothie Bar has figured out how to combine the flavours of various foods in order to make them into meals which are yummy. Smoothies are the perfect way to pack a cup with a multitude of powerful food and make them delicious to drink.

All GSB smoothies start with a base of kale and spinach – two of Mother-Nature’s most powerful foods, which contain a plethora of nutrients. Then comes creating a wave of flavour – choose from our menu based on what your taste buds prefer, or based on what healthy effects certain ingredients can provide. Take a look at our Nutrition Cheat Sheet to get started.

How We Got Started

The inspiration to create The Green Smoothie Bar was a culmination of a few important factors…and it began with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Danielle Height was selling her famous Green Smoothies out of her home for almost three years when Joe, the co-founder, experienced a massive improvement in health and vitality and told Danielle he had the perfect location to start this amazing adventure from.

Joe’s inspiration comes from his dad. His diet is so unique, he actually craves fruits and vegetables. As hard as it sounds he starts his morning everyday with greens usually boiled, whether they are spinach, broccoli or dandelion greens. What Joe learned from him is to use your diet as a tool to thrive everyday and live the most energetic life possible.

As with many of their like-minded healthy-foodie counterparts the benefits were tremendous. More energy, more mental clarity, a healthy glow.

Joe and Danielle saw an opportunity in Hamilton for an organic/vegan eatery – something which was yet to be made available to the community. The eclectic, urban and central James St. North community was the perfect location.

In the summer of 2012 The Green Smoothie bar opened it’s doors to the community and began the quest to improve lives through better eating.

B Corp Certified

Becoming a certified “B Corp” is an astounding achievement – it means that this local Hamilton business must create a material positive impact on society, and consider how their decisions affect their employees, community, and the environment. This is verified against the rigorous standards of transparency, accountability, and performance set out by B Lab, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit that has certified more than 700 ‘B Corporations’ in 24 countries, across 60 industries, since 2007.

“To me being a B Corp means there is a higher purpose than just what people traditionally know as business. It means being a leader in a sustainable community”, says founder, Joe Accardi.

“B Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.

In achieving this designation The Green Smoothie bar joins the ranks of such companies as the California-based outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia Inc., Toronto-based sustainable-energy catalyst Bullfrog Power and ice cream icon Ben & Jerry’s. The certification now means that The Green Smoothie bar is legally obligated to carry on with it’s quest for social and environmental change.

B Corp certification is to sustainable business what LEED certification is to green building or Fair Trade certification is to coffee.
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